Ruger pc carbine sights

I called around to all the gun shops I knew and all I heard was that they were on order. Then one day I walked into Academy Sports and there it was in all it glory sitting right on the shelf.

ruger pc carbine sights

The Ruger really feels great — solid but user friendly. Ruger says the PC9 has a dead blow action that features a custom tungsten dead blow weight that shortens bolt travel and reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise. The PC9 does not blow carbon into the mag and your face as it fires like some 9mm carbines. The mag and the rifle itself stay very clean. I like the controls layout — trigger finger safety, mag release is easy with large non-firing had button release and bolt handle right behind the ejection port.

Bolt handle and mag release can be changed to either side. There are also many other great things about the PC9. It is a breakdown model like the similar version of the that makes it easier to pack but it does not come with a case. It has rear peep sight on the nice looking fluted barrel that is threaded for a suppressor.

The receiver has built in scope rail to make scope mounting a scope or optical sight easy. The barrel and forearm can be quickly removed from the stock by pushing a latch and short twist of the barrel and forend without tools, and it goes back together just as easily.

There is a tension nut on the rear end of the barrel to make sure the barrel stays secure. The stock is a black synthetic, with textured grip on the forearm and pistol grip for a secure hold. The receiver and barrel are finished in a matte black.

There is also a small rail on the bottom forend for laser or flashlight attachment. I really like the look and feel of the PC9. That brings us to the fun part of the review and that is range time. After a few shots for zero, I started shooting from yds. Yes, this little rifle will put hard ball ammo on target at yards. The PC9 never missed a beat. Nice trigger for an autoloader, the balance is great it points easily.

I am an average size guy and with on stock spacer it fit me well. It pumps out 9mm ammo as fast as you can pull the trigger and works like a swiss watch. It would be hard to beat for a home defense gun or just all around firearm. If you get in a survival situation, it would certainly put meat on the table. If you want fun range time it will be hard to find a gun that is more fun to shoot.

PC Carbine™

Zeroed at 50 yds, it is only a few inches low at I shot the yd target using the top of the duplex post at 7x, and used the top of the post on the duplex reticle at 2x for a yd zero. You can get the standard high power version, or a rimfire version to match the normal range for your rifle.

These scope weigh less than 10 oz, and are great for lightweight deer rifles or pistol caliber carbines! For me, iron sights are a bit of a challenge but I still wanted to give them a try.

I took the scope off and was able to do pretty well using the peep sight out to yds keeping most of the shots in the center of a man sized silhouette. It helps me that the rear sight is mounted on the rear of the barrel.At a glance:. Features highly visible fiber optic light tube for quick target acquisition.

Made of Aluminum for long lasting durability. Matte black finish and cutting edge design to reduce light noise. The upgraded fiber optic sights collect surrounding light rays to offer you superb visibility, even in dark conditions. This sight ships with a green light pipe already installed and a red will be included in the package for customization.

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How To: Mount Iron Sights to the Ruger PC Carbine Chassis

Add to Wish List. Questions about this item? Ask here. See 1 Questions. Availability: In Stock. Put me on the Waiting List. Quantity Add to Cart. View All Reviews. This was an excellent upgrade. Highly recommend. Did you find this helpful? This fiber optic is perfect to upgrade PC9 front blade sight. Simple replacement process, all of min and you're back up and running.

ruger pc carbine sights

Overall, I'm satisfied with the improvement this sight brings, however, I would like to suggest 2 mounting screws instead of one, and a smaller optic rod for more precise aiming Making shooting that much more fun! Easy acquisition, accurate and visibility is great in all lighting. Keep me updated. Great addition to my PC Carbine. It give a much improved sight picture, especially in lower light. I received it today and installation took all of two minutes. Even though there is a heavy overcast, the sight was very bright and easy to pick up.

Thanks again Tandemkross for super new product. I need to replace mine.Takedown is as simple as locking the bolt back and verifying that the rifle is unloaded, pushing a recessed lever, twisting the subassemblies and pulling them apart.

Dead blow action features a custom tungsten dead blow weight that shortens bolt travel and reduces felt recoil and muzzle rise. Bolt is machined from heat treated, chrome-moly steel to ensure strength, structural integrity and durability. Cold hammer-forged, chrome-moly steel barrel with ultra-precise rifling provides exceptional accuracy and longevity.

The heavy contour barrel provides consistent accuracy, while barrel fluting sheds unnecessary weight and allows for quick handling. The magazine release button should not be reversed when using this type of magazine as the magazine will not properly lock into the magazine well.

However, due to reduced clearance between the top of the receiver and the bottom of the optics rail, optics and optic mounts that extend more than.

ruger pc carbine sights

Ensure that the optic or optic mount you intend to use does not extend more than. Features listed above are available on all standard models, but may not appear on Distributor Exclusive models. See individual spec sheets for model specific features. With products made in America, Ruger offers consumers almost variations of more than 40 product lines. Our awarding-winning products all prove that Ruger has a rugged, reliable firearm to meet every shooter's needs.

For 70 years, Ruger has been a model of corporate and community responsibility. Threaded barrel with included thread protector allows for use of standard muzzle accessories.We have reason to come back to Infitech, as they have some new interesting products for those who want to modify and improve their Ruger PC Carbine. If you like accuracy, you should be all for the idea to mount your optics on the barrel of your Ruger PC Carbine. This solution ensures that your optics stays zeroed to the barrel.

Until now Infitech only had the option for the Aimpoint red dots, but now you can mount any optic that fits a Picatinny rail. The rail is large enough for most red dot and similar sights.

Small and lightweight Picatinny rail for attaching optical sights to the barrel of you Ruger PC Carbine. Ex-Arctic Ranger. Competitive practical shooter and hunter with a European focus.

Always ready to increase my collection of modern semi-automatics, optics and sound suppressors. Owning the night would be nice too.

TCCC Certified medic. Replaces the rear sight using the factory mounting screws. Does not interfere with the takedown function and ensures the sight stays zeroed to the barrel. Designed to meet the high demands of competitive shooters. Does not interfere with the takedown function. Please choose the model in the dropdown list before ordering. Finish: Anodized matte black with laser engraving. Eric B Ex-Arctic Ranger. Older Posts. Privacy Policy.Log in or Sign up.

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Join today, registration is easy! You can register using your GoogleFacebookor Twitter account, just click here. Featured Listings are working again! Click here for all the info. Nov 18, 1. Messages: 1, Likes Received: I recently bought a Ruger PC Carbine 9mm and have not even fired it until today. Using the iron sights, laying the rifle in a rest, and shooting in my backyard I was able to get several 3 shot groups all within an inch or so.

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All shot within a inch of my bullseye on the target. I'm just looking to get on paper to mount a Holosun Red dot so I was pretty happy. I'm shooting in my backyard, so I was shooting at only 20yds. I'm not the best rifle shot so I was pretty happy with that. I mounted the Holosun and was able to duplicate the same groups, so I thought I was ready to go. Since it's threaded, I thought I should go ahead and give it a try using my Huntertown Arms Suppressor.

I was able to duplicate the same groups, however, my point of impact shifted to the right a good inches. No matter what I tried, the shots were all to the right.

ruger pc carbine sights

A long ways to the right! The same suppressor on my SBR shoots dead perfect using a similar Holosun, also in 9mm. Anybody have a guess or venture a guess as to a solution to this issue? Am I just going to have to not shoot the Ruger suppressed? Thanks, Jerry. Nov 18, 2.USA — - Ammoland. Note when you buy this package you can get FREE shipping on your entire order. This combo contains:. The upgraded fiber optic sights collect surrounding light rays to offer you superb visibility, even in dark conditions.

This sight ships with a green light pipe already installed and a red will be included in the package for customization. Don't forget! Ruger PC Carbine Ext. Daily Gun Deals are short-term bargains that will often expire or sell out fast! The AmmoLand News Team publishes these deals that are available from our trusted partners and well-known industry retailers. AmmoLand does not stock inventory or have a shopping cart, we simply bring you up-to-date information on deals as a way to help you the reader get the most bang for your buck.

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Ruger® PC Carbine™

Thank you very much for your support and I hope we save you some money by highlighting these sweet daily deals. Please Login to comment. Notify of.We are giving away this PCC with a matching caliber Ruger pistol. Enter here! USA — - AmmoLand. Now, a couple of years into the family tree, you can order two varieties: a standard forend model available in 9mm and. The two rifles operate identically with a blowback design and both are takedown models with threaded barrels.

More on that later. A round mag is included with this rifle. The idea is that you can share not only ammo, but magazines between the carbine and your Ruger handgun. The PC Carbine comes with a replaceable magazine well insert that accepts standard Glock 9mm double-stack magazines. That gets particularly interesting if you attach one of the 33 rounders. The magazine release and bolt charging handle are reversible.

Out of the box, the mag release button is on the left and the charging handle on the right. The safety is a cross bolt type that runs through the front of the trigger guard.

The included sights are aperture irons. In between those are generous cutouts to reduce weight and provide air flow to the barrel. The new Ruger PC Carbine shown here is a takedown model. The breakdown process could not be easier, and I mean that literally.

No tools or undue force required. When you put it back together, the two halves lock up tight to the point where there is no detectable movement. As the separation point is forward of the rail, none of this breaking and packing interferes with your optic or zero, so knock yourself out. Take it down. I had a bit of a moral dilemma on how to configure this carbine. Should it have a red dot sight on the receiver rail or a low-magnification scope?

At 50 yards, that dot covers just one inch of target. With the exceptionally crisp and clear dot think models costing twice as muchI did most of the accuracy testing with this configuration. When I shot the same ammo with a magnified scope, there was no detectable difference in group size.

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